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If you are purchasing an item from this business, we are assuming you have reviewed this section as you will be asked if you did in placing your order! Congratulations on making it this far. Keep reading!

Stuff we have to cover

Orders will be accepted with a reasonable timeframe. This takes a lot of time to complete so it’s at the owners discretion, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We give ourselves plenty of time to design beautiful products for you. Orders within three weeks of the event may occur a rush order fee at the owners discretion. Orders will be limited during graduation and homecoming seasons.


invoices must be paid on receipt, we do have incentives and promotions that will offer opportunities to pay it out. These are done during preseason only see below.

A Having mbassador program. The ambassador program runs 3 to 4 months before graduation and homecoming season. I look for people who will actively post and promote my business to encourage or others to order early. The more time I have to work on the orders, the better and bigger they get, the benefit for you is a really good discount and you can pay at your order on the program. A deadline will be set for your order to be able to complete the item. I don’t do any personalization until invoices paid in full.

For graduation and homecoming seasons, we go by school district calendar. If the homecoming or graduation is canceled due to weather/crisis/any reason, the payment is nonrefundable as this is completely out of our control.

It is up to the customer to check with your school district policies to see about graduation items, Mum’s, & garters.

Refunds & Returns Policy
Long story short, there is pretty much none of that. Read on!

Due to the nature of the business, all sales are final, once personalization is complete. Personalized is a thing, a name, a year, a school, a brand, certain colors, or a theme. Personalized can also be based on the design. If it is something that most people would not purchase, that is considered a personalized order. An example would be a black mum or garter. You can see that most of the population probably would not order that color, so that is personalized and custom.

We do not accept exchanges, refunds or returns, unless a blatant error was made by us. We have the final right to decide if this can and will occur. It will never be because a client changed their mind after a personalized order has been created. We will take the total circumstances under consideration. We will always make our errors right, and always care for our customers, but cannot afford remakes unless it is a valid mistake on our end based off of the written order and/or text and emails.

please understand that are strict no refund or exchange is in order to avoid multiple changes, stress, or delays that would affect other customers as well. Once a design is agreed-upon paid and the Mom or garter is in progress, no changes. If an agreement absolutely cannot be made, and a reconstruct is requested, meaning taking the mum apart and rebuilding, that will affect your date that you’ve given us as a deadline and there will be a $65 breakdown and rebuild fee.

We truly want all of our customers happy, so we have a policy for that. Happiness policy – we want every customer satisfied with your order so we will work with each and every customer if they have communicated a dissatisfaction and given us a chance to work for mutual agreement. If a negative review has been posted on any social media without giving us that opportunity to communicate and try , that action would negate this. Never return or drop off an item at our door. We MUST receive notice of the problem, prior to customer returning the item. Failure to do so could negate any consideration on refunds and returns.

Here is why we have these policies. Since these are custom-made items, my business gets the approval of the customer along the way, that is how we roll. That way there is no surprise and no need to start over. Makes for a happy customer and a happy business. Communication is key always! This is done by text messenger or email. The key concept there is that communications will always be in writing. Once an item is customer approved there is no return or refund on this now personalized custom item.

Sales and Taxes. Sales from our business from invoices will include an 8.25% Texas and city of Burleson sales tax. Subject to change, depending on the State of Texas.

All supplies involved in the building of these unique items are based on availability and subject to change a like substitute may be offered depending on availability

we will notify you when your order is ready for pick up. We are in Burleson Texas. Shipping can be utilized up to two weeks prior to the event. It is an additional cost. See below.

Shipping and Handling policy

Can my order be shipped?

Absolutely. I utilize flat shipping and handling fees. I find the best pricing and the best service and you will know your cost at the time of creating the invoice. I do not ship outside the US. I insure the products for shipping. Unfortunately once the product leaves my hand and gets scanned in by the carrier if there are problems after that unfortunately, you will have to take it up with that carrier to get reimbursed. I will always take photos of the product and packaging prior to releasing to the carrier. Transit times are defined as the time the package leaves say some thing beautiful’s possession to the time the package is delivered. Due to Postal Service delays nationwide, there may be delays that are out of our control. We will always work with you and pick need by date to allow plenty of time to get to you before your need by date.

What do you mean by Need by date?

An example of this is a graduation item or senior item that you want for a photographs ahead of your event. That is your need by date. I will adjust shipping dates in order to get it to you by that date. If for any reason, I don’t think I can, I will always let you know upfront and the option to pick up is always there.

Damages / Issues in shipping.

We ensure the quality of each item before we ship it out. I always send a photo of the shipping address prior to mailing. I also will send a picture of the box and the tracking number to each of my customers.

I have a practice of including insurance on the value of the package in case it is damaged during the shipping process. To file a claim for those, they will require photos of the item, the wrapping, and the actual box and damaged product. The customer must keep those on hand in case they are asked by the carrier for those items and handling the claim process. Failure to do so will negate the item getting replaced because they will not approve the claim. Again, the customer will have to contact the carrier to start that process.

Customers must notify us in seven days from the date that was delivered if there are damages, and if the claim has been filed. We will work with you to ensure the best outcome for you, rather, it’s replacement, or a refund, if covered by postal insurance.

What if the carrier misplaces my package? Or if it gets stolen after delivery?

it is up to the customer to contact the carrier and file the claim with the provided tracking number. Please notify us if that occurs and if further assistance is needed. I cannot refund or replace an item if it was stolen. But the customer can choose to use the insurance claim if they accept it to purchase another item. If it proves to be theft, contact your local Law enforcement agency.

We will at times send a second invoice for shipping. The cost of shipping is based on the size and weight of the box and your ZIP Code. Customers can always pick up and skip the shipping fee. Unfortunately, I don’t deliver. Normally when I am finished with yours, I’m working on the next one down the line. If for any reason, I happen to be in your area, absolutely I would let you know. There could be a handling fee for me to do that depending on no show or late only after an agreement has been made.

Even if you paid for shipping and you decided last minute to pick up, I will always refund your shipping fee if not used.

Terms and Conditions of purchases:

I am so impressed. You have made it this far! Kudos! Thank you for taking the time to read about our products and product management.

They are almost all customized and personalized they can be customized by color, styles size, decals, photos, glitter, acrylics, ribbons, bows, bears, you name it. No two items are ever exactly alike. We can try to duplicate one of our products, but these are handcrafted. So there are a lot of factors that can, and do alter the appearance. Each item is unique. If you were looking for perfection, go for a manufactured product, definitely not handcrafted.

I will never duplicate somebody else’s work, I will ask what you like about their work, and I will create something along those lines, but of my own. Artist work very hard on their products, and they don’t need everybody in the world copying them, but can influence others to up the bar!

How do I order?

  1. Easiest way is to click on a specific product and order. I add more products every month.

2. If you want a custom design, use the contact form or the custom order item block. You do not have to put all of the information in that block. We will discuss it and I will help complete the order with you. And then I will invoice for payment.

3. You can always email me at Nike@saysomethingbeautiful.net. I like it when people send me a couple of photos to give me ideas of what you’re looking for and then I will help you with the designs or take care of the whole process if you prefer. You can be as involved as you choose to be.

How do I check on my order?

You can email when you have questions. I am one of very few Mum makers that actually keep people updated on their orders. Please know it is the season gets busier and busier especially the week of homecoming. It’s a little more often to keep everybody in daily contact. I love to send out photos as I go for approval people seem to enjoy this process so I will do it as long as I can you will have a pick up date and A block of time that you’ll be able to pick up. I know things happen in life communicate with me if you were not going to be able to make it for an alternate date and time it can always be after your appointment time never sooner.

I am praying that none of this ever affection and that you were perfectly content with your breakfast. Enjoy.

Contact us at Nike@saysomethingbeautiful.net for questions.